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Literally, “Shixan” means education and “Ujas” means luminance in Sanskrit.

Shixan Ujas is a program designed to explore possibilities of a child’s future in a systematic and scientific way. Launched and inaugurated by the Gujarat Chief Minister in 2017, Shikshan Ujas is the only program that caters to government students in the tribal villages of 5 Districts. The program does not focus on improving test scores but rather focuses on helping students explore their brain power by covering the physical, intellectual, mental and spiritual aspects of life.

Duration : 3 years

Area of service : Dang district

Total nos. of schools : 120

Total beneficiary children : 13500

Total trained ‘Jyotirdhars’ (Teachers) : 24

By activating and channelizing the usage of mind power including balancing of both the sides of the brain, it is possible to explore the unlimited hidden potential of a child thereby spurring happiness, memory, high concentration levels and emotional maturity. A unique blend of Indian ancient scripture and modern medical science techniques is used to prepare training modules for the students. Given below are the five values at the core of the curriculum.

Health (physical exercises are included in each session for fun and exertion, as well as for balancing both sides of the brain)

2. Education (e.g. multiplication tables and learning the days of the week in Gujarati and English)

Self-development (focusing on improving the confidence of the children)

Culture, Ethics & Morality (e.g. focuses on learning the importance of values such as honesty)

Spirituality (e.g. Om chanting)

Objectives of the project :

First time in Dang district

Learning and teaching with sound and visuals to increase receptivity

Teaching fundamental secrets of learning, reading, calculation and writing

Interactive learning with play and meditation

Who will participate?

Students of standard 2 to 5

Number of students per batch : 40

Methodology :

2 hours session twice a week

All these sessions will be conducted during school hours

During training, Physical tuning exercises, Dance, Relaxation & breathing, Pranayama etc. are covered


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