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Humble initiative to help Corona affected people by Diwaliben trust

Diwaliben trust, a 20 years old organization based at Bardoli, Gujarat is serving people in the fields of  health, education & women empowerment in 5 districts of south Gujarat covering 206,000 families of interior tribal and rural belt, spread  over nearly 500 villages.

The tiniest of the tiny, an invisible corona virus has brought the whole world to its knees.

At the end of the first wave of this pandemic in India, the recovery seemed promising for several months, but the second wave has proved to be very lethal, almost unimaginable to the world.

Large amount of time, money and energy is being invested in obtaining & providing  the most expensive diagnostic, medical & surgical support to the health system through many NGOs.

Focusing on the need of the hour , Diwaliben trust has diverted  all its resources to fight against the Corona pandemic serving in 10 States, 41 districts and 1800 villages.
Second wave of corona has proved more severe & has demanded more attention & efforts by one & all. Diwaliben trust has also mobilized its 4500 volunteers in Surat, Tapi, Navsari, Valsad, Narmada,Mahisagar & Dang districts providing more than 15 types of need based services.

Followings are a few of them

Free mask distribution

Mask distribution among the rural people has established an environment of protective barrier. Free distribution of 6,50,000 masks in 510 villages has served one more purpose. These masks are prepared by women & girls from small villages which has created an earning opportunity for more 250 women who have collectively generated revenue of Rs.20 lacs during these hard times.

Provision of Oxygen concentrator machine

Countless lives of patients with moderate severity & controllable O2 level have been saved through this life saving instrument during the time scarcity of O2 cylinders.

More than 120 NGOs, Covid care centers and CHCs and 300 PHCs have been provided with these machines with operative and maintenance guidelines.

Total 1700 machines have been imported from the USA & Hongkong. Total beneficiaries are expected to be more than 50,000 from 200 villages

Health & hygiene awareness campaigns for one and all in which tooth care, hair & nail care, 100% vaccination, drive against malnutrition and addictions are organized.

Immunity boosters

Immunity boosting efforts include distribution of potent ayurvedic powder with 18 herbal medicines plus ashwagandha, tribhuwan kirti ras to every home. Total 8000 kg powder has been distributed which has served as a curative as well as preventive measure for about 2,50,000 rural people.

”Bhukhya kaje Bhojan”

Bhukhya kaje Bhojan…”means food for the hungry. Food kit distribution . Partial lockdown & fear of Corona have adversely affected the daily wage earning community. Food kits prepared by Diwaliben trust are supporting these underserved masses with 10 days of groceries which include rice, wheat flour ,oil, dal, jaggery, spices etc. 22,000 food kits made out of 20 truck loads of groceries have been distributed in 1100 villages benefitting 120000 people from 22000 families through this initiative.

”Awareness campaign”

Magnified fear because of ignorance is more lethal than Corona itself.

Real picture of corona disease with its symptoms, explaining when to stay home, when to rush to the hospital, basic monitoring techniques, diet plan, home made recipes for immunity boosting and home medical kit…etc..are expressed in layman's language for awareness in rural areas. Posters have been placed In each village as well as Govt. offices, to diminish the fear.

”Rapid antigen test kit provision”

Basic testing kits for ruling out corona is one of the crucial element in remote places with a very few resources. Diwaliben trust has provided more than 10,000 rapid test kit to CHCs of Vansda region.

”Supply of medicines to local rural Covid isolation centers”

Analgesics, anti-allergic, multivitamins, Fabflu, antibiotic & antiviral drugs are being supplied to all needy NGOs & people in Bharuch, Vansda, Dang, and Bardoli .

”Dead body disposal ”

Corona infected dead bodies are a risk for others, even family members hesitate & refuse to touch the bodies . In such cases volunteers of Diwaliben trust with PPE kits, and all safety sanitization measures cremated dead bodies in Dang district . Through these efforts, local youth groups cremated more than 73 bodies in 30 villages of Dang district following all tribal funeral rituals.

”Covid isolation centerl ”

At Bardoli 30 bed Covid isolation center has served timely support for those patients who were unable to reach private or govt. hospital. Dedicated staff of doctors and nurses, healthy nutritious food, yoga practices, creative games & 24x7 observation have helped 370 patients going back to their homes in good health.

Sanitary pad distribution to paramedical staff at all PHCs and CHCs in 5 districts. Total 1000 pads have been distributed.

”Daily food for the needy ”

Diwaliba anna kshetra has served 15,000 poor & needy people with a daily meal of khichdi & butter milk in 17 villages of Bardoli taluka during the second wave.


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