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Diwaliben Trust is the trust that has external stakeholders place. DT’s culture of selfless service, committed and dedicated human force towards the cause makes the organization unique. The additional strengths of the trust are given below-

Highly educated and experienced leadership team which has resulted in a deep cognizance of the importance of strong institutional capacities; a senior, full-time managing director has led it to the strengthening of talent management as well as financial management systems.

Ability to rapidly build scalable programs that reach underserved villages in tribal communities.

Capability to develop and sustain relationships at various levels- with the villagers and beneficiaries of their various programs which results in a quick turnaround time at the time of garnering buy-in for the program execution, and with the program staff which results in high motivation levels and finally with the government which contributes to the scalability of the programs.

Strong feedback culture; the organization provides multiple platforms for various stakeholders to voice their feedback, including the second line management, program coordinators and the beneficiaries.

Staff motivation and passion for the issues that the organization works on and alignment of common values and beliefs that pervade through various levels of the organization.

Unique culture with a blend of corporate system with an emotional and spiritual touch.

San Francisco – Adress – 18 California Street 1100.


0 332 548 987

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