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About Bardoli

About Bardoli

Bardoli is one of the imperative historical towns of India, well known for its connection with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It is still remembered for 1928 revolt which was persuaded under the great leadership of Sardar Patel. The saga of Bardoli is incomplete without his name. Since that time, Bardoli has made impeccable growth in social and economic Fields. Located at the distance of 34 kilometer from Surat, it is now a part of Surat Metropolitan Region and itself, is a small city under the municipality. Popularly called as land of sugar, Bardoli is among the rising places of India, reflecting vibrant culture of Gujarat.

The city of Bardoli in Surat has a rich and dense history that is associated with it; and contrary to popular belief, the significance of the city is not just limited to its history. The city also owes much of its reputation to its scenic beauty and heritage as well. Bardoli is considered as a significant tourist destination in Surat, which is frequented by numerous visitors throughout the year, especially devotees of Mahatma Gandhi. What particularly intrigues and interests visitors is the historical context of the city. Modern times witness Bardoli as a beautiful beach destination which is quite popular in the tourist community for its beauty and culture. Ideal for a short picnic, this destination also has a wide variety of local street food to offer, which will make your visit here worthwhile for sure.


Late Diwaliben Ukabhai Patel Sarvajanik Trust is a Charitable, Non Profit organization which promotes Education, Health and Community Development. The DUPST is registered with Rg. No. E/4959 Surat under Bombay Public Charitable Act of 1950 on 20th September 2001