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Manas urja pragtya

Duration : 3 years or until all students from Std-2 to 8 are covered

Area to be covered : All primary schools of Std. 2 to 8 in territories of Valsad, Navsari ,Surat,Tapi,Dang and Narmada districts plus DNH & Daman

Total schools to be covered in year 2019 : 1050

Number of beneficiaries : 43000 students

The program runs in 1120 villages in 5 districts of south Gujarat.

Stakeholder groups: Diwaliben staff, teachers, school authorities and school children

Objectives of the project :

Awakening of hidden brain potential in students of Std. 2 to 8

Teaching fundamental secrets of learning, reading, calculation and writing

Activation of intuitive mind

Alteration and alignment of neural network

Who will participate ?

Students of standard 2 to 8

Number of students per batch : 40

if a school has more than 40 students, more training sessions will be conducted till all of them are covered.

Methodology : Manas Urja Pragtya

Master sessions : 6 hours trainings for two successive days (10.00 to 4.00)

Follow up sessions : 1 hour for 8 weeks

All these sessions will be conducted during school hours

During training, more than 400 types of different exercises are conducted in 40 sub-sessions Cephalogym, Physical tuning exercises, Dance , Relaxation & breathing, Pranayama, Wave therapy, Visual scanning etc. are covered

Benefits of the Training :

Improvement in concentration

Improvement in Memory

Improvement in confidence level

Positive behavioural changes

Awakening of intuition

Increase in reading speed

Who will deliver the training? :

Qualified & trained volunteers of Diwaliben Trust will impart training.

All volunteers will be given Audio-Visual Kit for successful completion of the training. The kit includes LCD projector, sound system, flash TV, training module etc.

Commercial Value of the training:

In the big cities like Mumbai, Surat, Delhi etc. a fee is charged for such a training which is Rs.20, 000 - 25000 per child. If we cover all 43000 students of both territories, the value of the project will be Rs.86 cr.

Program team structure
Geographical Coverage Position  
  Central office     Project Coordinator  
  Area Level     Sanyojaks/Area Coordinators (1 for every four center coordinators)  
  Village Level     Jyotirdhar-Center Coordinator (1 for every five schools/villages)  

Regulatory permissions: Permission is taken at a district level to conduct these classes in government schools, and an official circular is issued to this effect.

Recruiting: Volunteers are recruited from the local areas.

Training: Volunteers are trained by Dr. Bhagat and other master trainers.

On-boarding of schools: Volunteers contact school principals and teachers and introduce the program to them in order to garner support from them. A minimum class size of 50 students in classes 1 and 2 is required for the school to be on-board.

Kick-off: The program is started at 2 sessions per week. Volunteers take audiovisual equipment pre-loaded with content

On-going: Periodic camps are held for the volunteers, to motivate them and identify any issues that they might be facing.


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