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Gramoday is an initiative for total rural development. It is focused at 7 districts covering 436 villages where 1,06,000 tribal families are touched.

Accurate information plays key role for successful efforts and desired impact for any project. For this data collection, mega survey campaigns worth of 90,000 man hours were conducted through the involvement of 4,500 volunteers .

Using these data, 3 years action plan for 56 projects has been designed. Let us elaborate a few :

sewa setu

Sewa Setu aims to help the marginalized population get access to government schemes, by providing end-to-end support including the collection of documents, form filling , submission and follow-ups for approvals. This program is run in partnership with the local government; every time the government camp is set up, the Sewa Setu team helps with the logistics as the camps are held in one center for 10-15 villages.

Till date more than 35,000 rural people have been benefitted by getting various documents like Ma amrutam card, APL-Bpl card, pension card, Adhar card, voter ID, Ration card etc. and 54,000 bank accounts are opened under the project Pradhan mantri Jandjan yojna

Youth empowering camps

Youth empowering camps involved more than 8,000 youths from 436 villages. They were encouraged by giving them sports kits and then motivated and trained to donate time & energy for local projects like

bimonthly cleaning of villages

building visharam chowk which is a decorative common place for daily gathering.

Children games festival in which 22,000 children participate every year.

Health & hygiene awareness campaigns for one and all in which tooth care, hair & nail care, 100% vaccination, drive against malnutrition and addictions are organized.

Gram sajavat

Gram sajavat project incudes construction of decorative entrance gate of the vilage by local people -Building toilets in all houses with 100% usage motivation are covered.


Education projects in gramoday include 100% school admission of 100% children, 0% drop out ratio, Parent awareness drive, Elderly literacy campaign its has been designed. Let us elaborate a few :

For all projects of gramoday,  most of the credit of success and accomplishment, goes to the human resources…these are gram sanyojaks, contact leaders, gram sutradhar, jyotidhar,  sanyojaks , All these individuals  remain motivated & active through continuous  training camps and regional meetings. Till date more than 250 such gatherings have been successfully organized.

Tree Plantation
Sadhan sahay
gram mukur
vishram chok
scheme awareness


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