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grishma bal shibir

Non-residential summer camps : 4 days for Daily 4 hours

Number of camps : 150

Number of beneficiaries : 13,750

Residential summer camps : 6 days 5 nights

Number of beneficiaries : 982

Area to be covered: 6 Districts of South Gujarat


Rise in children’s creative talent.

Leadership skill development

Reinforcement of confidence level.

Adoption of positive health and hygiene habits.

Learning of cultural values and lessons of morality.

Development of vision for upcoming world challenges.

Provision of platform for 360-degree exposure to children in rural area, scientific approach & environment for creative activities, to show & sharpen their talents


Time line: Usually organized during April - May of each year

Duration Non-residential summer camps : 4 days for Daily 4 hours : 10.00 am to 2.00 pm

Duration Residential summer camps : 6 days 5 nights

Numbers of camps: 25 camps on an average

Numbers of villages covered : 25, with selection of 100 students from each village

Total beneficiaries: 2500 students from Std: 2 to 5


Summer camp’s blue print will be prepared by mutual discussion & brainstorming by project coordinators of both the organization. Site selection, enrollment of students, planning, preparation, conduction and on-site monitoring services will be given by representatives of Diwaliben trust and Desai foundation contributors team with main point of contact Expected outcomeas follow :

Children start Expressing

Rise of Maturity level

Improvement in self discipline and attitude

Awareness of importance of health and hygiene is raised

Inspiration for respect to their parents, teachers and elder ones.

Rise in judgment power

Development of group cohesiveness

Children get aware about adverse effects of addiction of tobacco, liquor and smoking.

Life learning lesion for Environment protection


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